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Ralph Mann - The Mechanics of Sprinting & Hurdling                                    

This manual, The Mechanics of Sprinting and Hurdling, is a great book for track coaches and represents 25 years of research and filming. Includes evaluations of top athletes.

       Code: ShotDVD001: 1 in an Envelope :  £6.50 + pp


 111 1                                         Shot Putt - Ron Pickering DVD 2007.  2 Disc Set covering general and technical aspects of Shot Putt training.




     Code: DiscDVD001: 1 in an Envelope:  £6.50 + pp  



Discus - Ron Pickering DVD 2007. 2 Disc set covering preparation and technical aspects of Discus throwing.

      Code: HamDVD001: 1 in an Envelope: £6.50 + pp


Hammer - Ron Pickering DVD 2007. 2 Disc set covering the background, biometrics and technique of the Hammer.  




Boxed S et: Shott Putt;Discus;Hammer   Code: DVDset001:  3 in an Envelope:  £17.50 + pp


Combined Box set of all 3 disciplines


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